Why is it beneficial for pregnant women to get Chiropractic care?

“Is Pregnancy Becoming a Pain in the Neck? or Back?”

During pregnancy most women experience pain and discomfort as their bodies adapt to many changes taking place inside. These changes not only include hormonal changes but biomechanical changes as the body deals with extra weight and changes to posture. Such changes can affect our spine ultimately leading to complications with nerves, joints, connective tissue, ligaments, posture and stability. Pregnant mothers that receive regular Chiropractic care experience greater comfort, less pain, shorter labor and delivery times. As a whole these mothers experience vitality and health throughout their pregnancy and are better prepared to deal with the stress that childbirth can provide.

Some women feel that once they become pregnant, they must stop their chiropractic care. This is not true. Regular adjustments can make pregnancy easier, less stressful and delivery more comfortable with fewer complications. Chiropractic care is a valuable part of pregnancy and can be used safely throughout.

Another excellent reason for seeing a Chiropractor during pregnancy is that it is a drugless health care system. Drugs, whether prescription or over-the-counter, can harm the growing fetus.

Chiropractic has documented benefits in reducing back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. The application of Chiropractic adjustments during labor and delivery offer a safer method to reduce pain and suffering that are usually dealt with via pain-relieving drugs. This ensures the safety of both the mother and child.

Can Chiropractic help if my baby is breech?- There is a Chiropractic technique to correct breech presentation to ensure the proper positioning of the baby prior to birth. Dr. L. Webster of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, designed a technique to allow Chiropractors to release the stress on the pregnant pelvis, relaxing the uterus, allowing the baby to turn naturally into the proper birth position. A 94% success ratio has been noted with Breech turning to allow for easy delivery.  I regularly get referrals from midwives that have patients with babies that are presenting breech.  It is amazing because the babies turn on their own, without any outside force, once you get mom’s body back in balance.

If you are ready to try a natural alternative for your pregnancy aches & pains or you are interested in having your best possible pregnancy, I invite you to use the certificate below to see if Chiropractic is right for you.

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Dr. Jacob Bullock, D.C.

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Below are some of our patients that have had successful pregnancies while using Chiropractic care.

 Chiropractic Care during Pregnancies!

“My first two pregnancies ended with long, painful deliveries with epidurals and many interventions, including forceps. For my third pregnancy, I received daily adjustments for the two months leading up to my delivery. Not only did the adjustments reduce and eliminate many of the aches and pains of pregnancy, but the delivery was so easy I was in disbelief. I delivered a ten pound baby in less than four hours with no drugs! I now tell everyone I know about chiropractic care during pregnancy! Even after the pregnancy, I continued to go to Bullock Family Chiropractic where I have felt healthier over all and endured less pain. Overall, I see myself staying healthy, strong and as close to pain-free as a person can hope to be. I love the fact that at Bullock Family Chiropractic there are no drugs involved and it is all about helping your body work as efficiently as possible. I also love the friendliness of the office itself! I recommend chiropractic care to everyone.”                    -ErinL.

Pain Free Pregnancy

“Another patient referred me to Bullock Family Chiropractic while I was pregnant because I had been in so much pain it hurt to walk. I started attending the practice about three times a week and it made it possible to move and eventually the pain went away. Once I started treatment for my pregnancy I noticed that other parts of my body felt better, too. I enjoy chiropractic care because the more I come, the less stress I felt. I like how there are no drugs needed and everything is a natural relief. The office at Bullock Family Chiropractic is very friendly all around and I recommend it to everyone.” -Veronica W.

Migraines Better & Pregnant!!

“I was referred to Bullock Family Chiropractic because I was having really bad migraines.  When I started getting adjusted my migraines started improving, now I rarely have even a headache.  I did not tell Dr. Jacob that my husband and I were trying to have a baby and had been trying for the past 6 years.  I started getting adjusted around Thanksgiving and at Christmas we found out we were expecting.  Pregnancy is going great but I know I need to stay adjusted or I will get back pain.”                        -M. W.

 My Baby Didn’t Need Prilosec!!

“I brought my 4 month old baby to Bullock Family Chiropractic because he was having reflux problems.  I had taken him to his doctor and they had given me a prescription for prilosec.  I knew there had to be a better solution.  Dr Jacob did 1 adjustment to the middle of his back and the spitting up stopped and hasn’t been back since.  I like how regular adjustments are a natural alternative to medicine.  I think all children need to be getting adjusted to help them be at their best.”                      -Melea B.

 My Baby Turned!!

“I was referred to Bullock Family Chiropractic because my baby was breech.  I was scheduled to have it manually turned on Friday morning, which is hard on mom and baby.  Dr. Jacob adjusted me Thursday afternoon for the first time.  Soon after I felt some movement but didn’t think anything about it.  I went to my doctors appointment Friday morning to have the baby turned when they told me that she was head down like she was supposed to be.  I recommend chiropractic to anyone who is pregnant.”                     -M. C.

 Chiropractic Helped My Pregnancy!!

“I was under chiropractic care during my second pregnancy and it really helped me.  I had almost no discomfort and a complication free delivery.  Your office is very friendly and genuinely concerned about my family.  I see my overall health increasing with chiropractic as well as my family’s health.”          -Darby W.