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Your Credit Card Processing Guy

As a business owner you work hard for your money.  When it comes to choosing a payment processor, you need one that can meet your needs.  I am committed to providing you a solution that secure, efficient, and cost-effective.

Not only do many credit card processors charge high fees, but many have inefficient customer support programs in place.  If you have an issue with your service they put you on hold, costing you time, and hurting your reputation with clients. Allow me to be your local rep and provide you with personalized service.

Working with a local bank or signing up with an online merchant services provider that is offering ‘low’ rates or a ‘flat’ rate, may sound like a great deal…but could end up costing you more than it should in the end.

Stop the confusion over reading your merchant statement, stop waiting for days for your funds to clear, and stop wasting money on a service so critical to your business.  Let me manage your merchant account, just as your financial planner manages your investments.

Transparent pricing. Next-day funding. Interchange management.

I want to develop a long-term relationship with your business.  Truly, the more your business succeeds…the more my business succeeds.  Let’s win together.

Which leaves us one question: What can we do to save you money and meet your payment processing needs?

I have been helping Lexington business with their credit card processing needs since 2004.

Your Credit Card Processing Guy
Vance Marshall

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